Pirate George and Otterly do a little dance

It’s Friday, I’m hard at work on the second Pigsticks book, and here’s a snippet from the last spread.

A hippo and an otter dancing! Only in a children’s book.


Pigsticks and Harold CSI

Pigsticks and Harold go fully CSI with their head-to-toe protective clothing!

Pigsticks and Harold as Detectives!


Pigsticks and Harold are the best (or possibly the only) detectives in town!

Pigsticks and Harold off to a meeting!


And Harold’s taking his Thermos flask full of tea! You never know how long these things go on for.

Morning doodle

Girl and pet

A little idea I had last night.

Yappy rat dog


Dog studies

Here are some drawings I’ve been doing lately. Something for a new book pitch, possibly.

Sneak peek at Pigsticks & Harold 2

With book one pretty much finished, we spent this morning working on the dummy to Pigsticks & Harold 2. It seems to be working out well, but there’s much to do.

Here’s a little snapshot of the scribbly work in progress.

Pigsticks and Harold up a mountain

There’s something strangely comforting for me about drawing snow, so I’m very pleased to be back in the mountains. I’m still buried in Pigs and hamsters, as this drawing shows, but I’m getting through it. Climb Harold! Climb!

A snippet of Pigsticks & Harold

Please excuse my internet absence of late, but I’m working like a fiend, trying to get as much done as I can before our second baby is born in November. There’s nothing like a good deadline to help you get stuff achieved!

So to show I’m still in the land of the living, here’s a little pic from the first Pigsticks & Harold book to whet your appetite.