Alien Moon Launch Party

Dear people! At 7pm on Thursday, 3 May we shall be having a launch party to celebrate the release of The Alien Moon, the fourth Mythical 9th Division book. It’s at the Bookseller Crow bookshop in Crystal Palace, which is one of the nicest places in the world.

There will be all sorts of exciting stuff, including a REAL LIFE YETI!

So please come along, it’ll be lovely to see you all.

Harold at the Discover Story Centre

I headed up to the Discover Story Centre in Stratford yesterday to run some workshops. It’s such a wonderful place, and the new Superheroes interactive exhibit is awesome!

I drew some yetis, vikings and, of course, Harold and Pigsticks. And the nicest thing was seeing the children draw their own Harolds and Pigsticks(s) later on. I haven’t seen people draw these characters yet, so it was a real thrill!

Here are a couple of them.

The Alien Moon arrives

Obviously, it’s a tremendously exciting day. I went to the Walker offices and picked up a copy of the brand new yeti book. It’s looking awesome, I’m so excited. And it has a black cover!

20120320-011906 PM.jpg

The Alien Moon book trailer

And here it is! What the world’s been waiting for…

Yetis on the moon.

In-between things

Over the coming few months I’m finishing off the 4th yeti book, and that means, you guessed it, I’m about to start something else. There are lots of projects I’d like to attempt, including umpteen potentially exciting stories sitting in my ideas folder, but today I feel a bit like this about all of them.

And while I’m here, there really is nothing like getting out a paintbrush and going crazy on a huge sheet of A1 paper with paint/ink.

The Magma Conspiracy video

I was wondering what to do as a video to celebrate the new Mythical 9th Division book, and settled on a bit of reading. So here it goes: sit back, check out my living room doors, and hear me read the first chapter of the Magma Conspiracy.

The Yetis on the Guardian website

Mythical 9th Division Guardian

I’m very excited to say that a guide to drawing yetis has just gone live on the Guardian children’s books site. The Guardian has always been the paper my family read. As an art school teen with my sights set on something or other (does anybody know what they want to do until they’re doing it?), I had a goal of one day getting my work into the Guardian in some shape or form.

I’ve written a couple of blogposts for their website, but to have my characters feature there is that goal finally achieved. I feel all emotional. And I think I now need to set a new goal.

Go Yetis!

Read all Alex Milway’s Guardian articles.

The Magma Conspiracy arrives

Excitement is in the air here as a finished copy of the Magma Conspiracy has arrived. I’m so pleased with how it’s turned out, and I think the comic section of New York is some of the best work I’ve done.

It’s in the shops at the start of July, so go Yetis!

Drawing the yetis: from rough to smooth

I’m deep into the artwork for the third yeti book – the Magma Conspiracy. It’s shaping up to be the most exciting of the books, and the art is both challenging me to the extreme, and enormous fun to draw.

I always think it’s nice to see the roughs of artwork, to notice how things change, and get smarter as they’re worked up, and here’s one from the middle of the book (click it for a bigger version). As you can see, the yetis don’t look too much like yetis, and there’s a reason for that. Obviously, to explain would be to give away the plot, so for the time being you’ll have to settle for knowing that at some point the yetis wear big hippo outfits…

Yeti roughs and Astroboy

I’ve recently come to the end of roughing out all the comic sections of the third yeti book, The Magma Conspiracy. It’s simply amazing how much effort is required to make a comic, and that’s before you’ve even started on the artwork.

To inspire me – and teach me in the art of comics – I’m currently reading Astroboy. I’ve been a huge admirer of Tezuka for a few years now, ever since I listened to Helen McCarthy discuss his work at Streatham Library. The world of Astroboy is bonkers, to say the least, but the artwork is so clean and assured, not to mention incredibly powerful. Explosions explode, speed effects really do convey speed, and composition is nigh on perfect. I think he really does draw the best robots out there.

And so, back to work. Yetis can’t draw themselves, sadly.