Alice Anteater gets cuter

Characters change subtly over time – look at early Snoopy compared to the one we know now – and it’s always interesting to look back and chart the evolution of a character’s style.

Pigsticks and Harold have both evolved over the past three years. They’ve become cuter and a little less weighty, and the line has become more fluid. The other Tuptown characters have also grown-up – or grown down.

Alice Anteater is a nice example of this. I recently spent a day drawing her to get her right, and she seemed to get younger and cuter before my eyes. With that cuteness also comes playfulness, and suddenly I found myself knowing her better. She’s incredibly shy of other people, but when they’re not around she gets up to all sorts of things.

Here’s a before and after!

There’s still much of the old character there, but I think she’s now much more part of the Tuptown team.

Harold and the Goats

I’m thinking this would make a super band name.

Pop-up Festival 9-10th July

Last week I took part in the fabulous Pop-up Children’s Book Festival, which is running loads of school events plus a festival weekend in London on the 9-10th July. Just have a look at that line-up!

I was lucky enough to get to run my event at the British Library. I don’t spend enough time there, and for anyone who’s never been, you’ll be blown away by things such as Jane Austen’s writing desk, the Magna Carta and Captain Scott’s notebook (I was almost in tears reading the “I may be some time” entry).

There’s also a smart Sci-fi literature exhibition running at the minute, which my event was twinned with. It’s mostly made up of a selection of books and covers and, annoyingly, everything is behind glass. It’s like being led into a sweet shop and not being allowed to touch the sweets, let alone eat them! But that’s by the by. It’s simply great to have a timeline of sci-fi in book form.

If there’s one thing that makes it imperative that you visit, it’s the typed first page of the Day of the Triffids. I love seeing the workings of a writer, and this is brilliantly revealing, as it’s missing its most amazing first line:

When a day you happen to know is Wednesday starts off by sounding like Sunday, there is something seriously wrong somewhere.

I’m not sure if that line can ever be beaten.

And so, without further ado here’s a picture of Harold the Hamster. This time he’s dressed as Miss Marple.