Alice Anteater gets cuter

Characters change subtly over time – look at early Snoopy compared to the one we know now – and it’s always interesting to look back and chart the evolution of a character’s style.

Pigsticks and Harold have both evolved over the past three years. They’ve become cuter and a little less weighty, and the line has become more fluid. The other Tuptown characters have also grown-up – or grown down.

Alice Anteater is a nice example of this. I recently spent a day drawing her to get her right, and she seemed to get younger and cuter before my eyes. With that cuteness also comes playfulness, and suddenly I found myself knowing her better. She’s incredibly shy of other people, but when they’re not around she gets up to all sorts of things.

Here’s a before and after!

There’s still much of the old character there, but I think she’s now much more part of the Tuptown team.

Meet Alice Anteater

Another new character I’ve been working on. I’m really enjoying mixing the outline colours of these recent drawings, particularly for clothes. I think it lets the characters stand out a bit more, and lightens the whole thing.

Any way, I hope you like Alice Anteater. I can see her long nose being quite a problem.