The day after the Gary’s Garden Launch party…

Another video diary. Here I get to talk about Gary Northfield, Sarah McIntyre, Philip Reeve, David O’Connell and Pirate George. And there’s even an appearance by Milo the cat. So, it was the launch of Gary’s Garden up at the Bookseller Crow in Crystal Palace

Pirate George and Otterly do a little dance

It’s Friday, I’m hard at work on the second Pigsticks book, and here’s a snippet from the last spread.

A hippo and an otter dancing! Only in a children’s book.


Pirate George taking a snooze


A little picture from Pigsticks and Harold 2. Pirate George, who’s turning into a favourite of mine, has fallen asleep.

A snippet of Pigsticks & Harold

Please excuse my internet absence of late, but I’m working like a fiend, trying to get as much done as I can before our second baby is born in November. There’s nothing like a good deadline to help you get stuff achieved!

So to show I’m still in the land of the living, here’s a little pic from the first Pigsticks & Harold book to whet your appetite.

Pirate George character sketches

Pirate George’s Big Adventure

I’m sitting here drawing Pirate George, and I’m thinking that one day he’ll need his own adventure.

He seems maybe a little too big to be a bit player all his life.