Viking doodles


I’ve been practising drawing in full colour, full digital of late. Here’s one of my sketches, with an angry tree bear bursting out of the woods towards a little viking.

I’m loving doing these. It’s a nice break from all the other things I’m working on.

Viking comic 4

This shows some of the more refined – and more secretive – past-times of Vikings. Many thanks to the pupils of Earlsfield Primary School for helping me come up with the idea!

Viking 3

We leave Wulf behind for a week to get the low-down on the Viking sport of Skülf.

Viking webcomic 2

And onto the second part, where our loyal and trusty Viking returns from the hunt!

The Viking webcomic

The start of a regular weekly webcomic to keep me on my toes. It’s called Viking, and this one’s about Dragonsheep. I hope you like it!