Harold and his family

A little bit of news slipped out this week about a Pigsticks & Harold animated series being in development. It’s a massive thing, for sure, but it’s currently at the beginning of a very long journey if it’s ever to see the light of day.

Jam media (who created the Tilly & Friends show based on Polly Dunbar’s books, among many other great shows) have already made some amazing animated scenes of the pair. Maybe one day I can post them for all to see. They look brilliant, and in a week’s time we’ll be pitching them and the show at the Cartoon Forum.

So, fingers crossed. We’ve worked incredibly hard on this, and maybe one day my assuming pig and unassuming hamster will get their own TV show.

So for now, here’s a picture I’ve done for the Cartoon Forum pitch of Harold and his Family. I love Harold.


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