The Alien Moon comic blasts off!

The first panel of the fourth Mythical 9th Division book is coloured in. And we’re off to the moon!

You may not see me for a while. Only 50 pages to do…

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  1. Hi Alex
    From the little I know of you I think you’re probably bonkers enough to take me up on the offer of a splendid slice of cake and a cuppa tea ( also splendid). I have listened to your videos and I’ll be damned if I know what you’re going on about but there again I’m 59 years old and into the genre of detective novels in a big way. The thing about you that I like the most Alex is your reading and I know if I was a lot lot younger I would be encouraged to read your stories, a lot more than I would those unmentionable series of over long middle class clap trap stories about a boy on a broom-stick. Now the whole point of this email is basically introduce you to the New Cross People’s Library and then to invite you to read at our Tea Party on September 17th at 5pm. Now, I happen to know that you are doing the BookFest in Lewisham the week before and no doubt a very busy person but if you think you could spare an hour on Saturday 17th after 5pm then please come and join us. We so desparately need to keep a library in New Cross, which Lewisham Council closed on 28th May but through some pretty hard struggles we have been given a 6 week licence to prove that the people of New Cross want a library that will now be run by the people of New Cross. We are right next to New Cross Gate station so it would mean just a quick journey on the Overground and back and it could make such a difference having someone as sparky as yourself to boast is attending. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Gill (Hart) volunteer and chair of New Cross People’s Library