Yeti poo biscuits

To try them, you’ll either have to wait for me to post the recipe online next week, or come to my Alien Moon launch party!

These are the cooked biscuits prior to being covered in chocolate, and pooey bits.

How to make a Yeti mask

Yetis form a major part of my life. But until now I didn’t have my own suit. I was only half a man. So, with the launch of my 4th Mythical 9th Division book, the Alien Moon, just around the corner on 3 May, it was time to rectify the matter.

Now all the available suits out there are pretty nasty – both in their angry nature, and in their finish. But I had to start somewhere, so I bought this suit for the body, hands and feet. They’re actually pretty good, and the inflatable shoulders are a winner.

BUT, and this is a big but, the mask was quite horrible to wear. It was really claustrophobic and sweaty. It also wasn’t really suitable for use in school visits. I want the kids to think it’s smart (or to use the correct terminology, ‘sick’), not terrifying.

So, where to start. This is what I wanted the mask to look like – my yeti, Timonen.

The face is simple, for ease of drawing, and Timonen has a massive beard, which is perfect for hiding the costume joins. To sculpt the face I bought some Sculpey and, with a wire mesh support…

…I got cracking. From there I built up the clay until it looked right, and then baked it to set it hard. And here it is, the positive impression of a yeti face.

Now, to make a rubber version of the face, I’d need to turn that positive impression into a negative. I needed to make a mould. There are many options you could choose, but I wanted the easiest possible method. I picked Alginate. This stuff is used for taking casts of teeth, so it’s very friendly and quick setting. As the mask was just one side, I could create a sort of Alginate bath and push the yeti face into it until it set.

That’s exactly what I did, as you can see here.

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A Yeti in Crystal Palace Park

If you have a yeti, and you have snow in Crystal Palace Park, then you have to make use of them!

Besides, it’ll be great material for the Alien Moon trailer…

Angry yeti Halloween Pumpkin!

It is Halloween, so I had to, didn’t I?

Yeti Shop Poll!

I’m in the process of making a shop of all things Yeti and Mythical 9th Division. And so I’m looking for some feedback on what you’d most like to see in a Yeti shop.

If you can think of anything else, please say in the comments. Thanks, you lovely people!

Abraham Lincoln and his Bigfoot Bodyguard

It’s not every day you get to draw a picture like this. This is an illustration for the backstory to the Mythical 6th Division (Bigfoot), which will go at the back of The Magma Conspiracy, the third yeti book. I could rewrite history like this all the time!