Pigsticks and Harold at the Storystock Festival


I had a terrific time this morning at the Saatchi Gallery, reading and drawing Pigsticks and Harold for the Storystock Festival. It was the first time I’d read the book to an audience of children other than my own, and they didn’t want me to stop! I only planned to read a short section, but we blasted all the way through helped in no small part to the trusty Gary Northfield laughing at all the right places. What a guy!

So any worries I had about how it would go down with children have gone now. And it was liked by both the girls and boys. What a result!

Afterwards we drew some pigs and hamsters, and I thought I’d put a few up here.


This lad could really draw Harold!


I loved the colouring on this…


Equally, this one was so bright!


Now I can’t wait to get out there again and do more drawing!

Gainsborough pig

I’ve been trawling through old Pigsticks artwork and came across this pig painting I’d forgotten about.


I’ve always liked Gainsborough, particularly his beautiful portraits, and this one made me laugh so I thought I’d put it on here.

Long time no posting!


Seems like an age since the last post. That’s the problem with having children, a million books on the go, and little free time! Social media takes a hit.

Still, Pigsticks & Harold continue to grow, and their books edge that little bit closer to publication. This is a snippet from the cover of book two, which is due late summertime, I think. This is their detective novel, very much in the vein of an Agatha Christie mystery. It was a hard battle to get it right, but I think we’re there, and the art work is the best it’s ever been. You can’t beat working solidly on characters over a period of years for sheer job satisfaction.

I’ll post more about these two friends of mine nearer pub date of the first book, which is late May. Only four months to go! WOOHOO!

Pigsticks on a moped!


It’s Pigsticks on a mo-ped! Varoom!

Harold in a diving suit


The chance came to draw Harold in an old diving suit, so here it is.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for Pigsticks & Harold. I’m not going to talk about why, just yet, but hopefully in time for the launch of the first book in May next year there’ll be some super amazing news.

Keep your ears and eyes open!

Pigsticks & Harold get a little bit closer

p&H blad I went into Walker to talk about Pigsticks 2 today, and came home with this lovely little pre-pub blad of a section of book one. It’s always such a strange feeling seeing your book actually become a book, and while it’s not the finished thing, it’s edging closer.

Very exciting.

Pigsticks & Harold do Sherlock Holmes!


The colouring on Pigsticks & Harold 2 is under way!

Pigsticks and Harold CSI

Pigsticks and Harold go fully CSI with their head-to-toe protective clothing!

Pigsticks and Harold as Detectives!


Pigsticks and Harold are the best (or possibly the only) detectives in town!

Pirate George taking a snooze


A little picture from Pigsticks and Harold 2. Pirate George, who’s turning into a favourite of mine, has fallen asleep.