Piggy Stardust animated!

I’ve been allowed to use some short animations made by JAM Media – the production company working on the Pigsticks and Harold TV show.

Now this won’t work if you don’t have Flash, sadly, but it’s a marvellous little snapshot of Piggy Stardust and the Hamsters from Mars.

Harold in a diving suit


The chance came to draw Harold in an old diving suit, so here it is.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for Pigsticks & Harold. I’m not going to talk about why, just yet, but hopefully in time for the launch of the first book in May next year there’ll be some super amazing news.

Keep your ears and eyes open!

Pigsticks and Harold off to a meeting!


And Harold’s taking his Thermos flask full of tea! You never know how long these things go on for.

Harold at the Discover Story Centre

I headed up to the Discover Story Centre in Stratford yesterday to run some workshops. It’s such a wonderful place, and the new Superheroes interactive exhibit is awesome!

I drew some yetis, vikings and, of course, Harold and Pigsticks. And the nicest thing was seeing the children draw their own Harolds and Pigsticks(s) later on. I haven’t seen people draw these characters yet, so it was a real thrill!

Here are a couple of them.

Harold the Hamster in the sun

He’s worried about his pea seedlings, as he should be with this sun!

Harold the Hamster at the beach

Harold enjoyed the beach, but he wasn’t too keen on paddling

International Book Giving Day

This is a lovely thing, taking place on February 14th.

I’ve seen that Viv Schwarz and Clara Vulliamy have made lovely book plates to stick inside the book you donate – so I thought I’d do the same!

There are also some great ideas for book giving over on the Playing By The Book blog!

Here’s Harold the Hamster, being all giving. Click on him for a hi-res version!

UPDATE: And now you can also download with a dedication and border. Click for biggie!

Merry Christmas!

Here’s to a very lovely Christmas break, and here’s to the first glass of Port for the year!

See you all in 2012. I’m certain it’ll be a good year.


Keeping it together…

Everything’s kicking off chez Milway. Books are happening, babies are crying, and the Christmas tree is almost decorated. I say almost, because I’m determined to make a Harold the Hamster angel to go on top.

If I get that made before xmas then I’ll be very happy.

There are a number of things I’ve not posted about, and I hang my head in shame. Friends’ books, events, book launches, all manner of things. I shall get round to these.

For now though, I shall link to the fabulous Deadly Knitshade’s website. Her knitting is awesome, and her Stitch London book would make a fabulous Christmas present.

Just look at them corgis!

More soon…

Harold the Hamster running practice

It takes a long while to work out how to animate a character, especially when they only have feet. Legs, I’ve realised, are very useful. Any way, here’s a very quick and very poor stab at making Harold run. Let’s just say that it needs work…