Moomin Lego!

It’ll be of no surprise to most of you that I’m a Moomin fan. Tove Jansson is a legend. And so, as I was idly building Lego with my daughter recently I found myself wondering if you could make a Lego Moomin. It turns out, with a bit of Fimo and a lot of thought, you can.

my hand-made heads, and Lego bodied Moomin

my hand-made heads, and Lego bodied Moomin

And of course, thinking big, I wondered if I could get a set approved on the fabulous Lego Cuusoo site . It took a bit of time and planning, and learning how to use the free Lego Digital Designer, but I’ve done it. To get a set approved, you can’t use anything other than available Lego pieces, so I had to focus on a set incorporating the more human characters of Moominvalley. All this led me to make Snufkin, and a set depicting this little bridge (The illustration is from Finn Family Moomintroll!) he and Moomintroll always sit on.


I went a bit Moomin crazy in the end – making the Groke out of Sculpey…


…And creating a little bug hunting scene for the Hemulen. I think this is my favourite of all the little Lego models I made.

The Hemulen in Lego - the little satchel is perfect.

The Hemulen in Lego – the little satchel is perfect.

It was a struggle searching for all the right bits, but with The Hemulen, I think I lucked out. I love his little shoulder bag!

SO! If you want to see any sort of Lego Moomin kit in the near future, go HERE, join up and VOTE! You never know, we might persuade them to make little Moomin heads too.

Piggy Stardust animated!

I’ve been allowed to use some short animations made by JAM Media – the production company working on the Pigsticks and Harold TV show.

Now this won’t work if you don’t have Flash, sadly, but it’s a marvellous little snapshot of Piggy Stardust and the Hamsters from Mars.

Gainsborough pig

I’ve been trawling through old Pigsticks artwork and came across this pig painting I’d forgotten about.


I’ve always liked Gainsborough, particularly his beautiful portraits, and this one made me laugh so I thought I’d put it on here.

Back to the Future

I’ve been practising with digital brushes in Photoshop, in an attempt to find a fully digital way of making pictures that I’m happy with. I need to play with it more, and a lot! But as I used to make oil paintings, and thoroughly enjoyed doing so, I thought I’d have a pop at recreating something like that.

Anyone who’s visited my house will recognise this, which looks a lot like one of the few paintings I still have left.


It’s obviously not perfect, but I can see potential!

Viking doodles


I’ve been practising drawing in full colour, full digital of late. Here’s one of my sketches, with an angry tree bear bursting out of the woods towards a little viking.

I’m loving doing these. It’s a nice break from all the other things I’m working on.

Long time no posting!


Seems like an age since the last post. That’s the problem with having children, a million books on the go, and little free time! Social media takes a hit.

Still, Pigsticks & Harold continue to grow, and their books edge that little bit closer to publication. This is a snippet from the cover of book two, which is due late summertime, I think. This is their detective novel, very much in the vein of an Agatha Christie mystery. It was a hard battle to get it right, but I think we’re there, and the art work is the best it’s ever been. You can’t beat working solidly on characters over a period of years for sheer job satisfaction.

I’ll post more about these two friends of mine nearer pub date of the first book, which is late May. Only four months to go! WOOHOO!

Harold and his family

A little bit of news slipped out this week about a Pigsticks & Harold animated series being in development. It’s a massive thing, for sure, but it’s currently at the beginning of a very long journey if it’s ever to see the light of day.

Jam media (who created the Tilly & Friends show based on Polly Dunbar’s books, among many other great shows) have already made some amazing animated scenes of the pair. Maybe one day I can post them for all to see. They look brilliant, and in a week’s time we’ll be pitching them and the show at the Cartoon Forum.

So, fingers crossed. We’ve worked incredibly hard on this, and maybe one day my assuming pig and unassuming hamster will get their own TV show.

So for now, here’s a picture I’ve done for the Cartoon Forum pitch of Harold and his Family. I love Harold.


I picked up a pencil!


That’s what I just did. I love drawing, and I don’t do it enough.

This chap’s from something new. A rough idea that’s taking shape, in and around all the other things that are going on.

Pigsticks on a moped!


It’s Pigsticks on a mo-ped! Varoom!

Harold in a diving suit


The chance came to draw Harold in an old diving suit, so here it is.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for Pigsticks & Harold. I’m not going to talk about why, just yet, but hopefully in time for the launch of the first book in May next year there’ll be some super amazing news.

Keep your ears and eyes open!