New books, new characters

I’ve recently put the 4th yeti book to bed, so I’m ploughing on with new things. New things mean new characters, which are always exciting. It means I get to draw a multitude of faces, working out who’s going to be who.

I like the process of brainstorming faces – watching films for features I like, doodling face shapes and seeing what works for a character.

I’m not going to talk about these characters as the story – a novel – is something I’m keeping close to home for a while. I’m rarely secretive about stuff, but this story warrants it I think. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t show studies and doodles, does it?!

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  1. These characters are great! I am really looking forward to the story.

  2. thank you! It’s all early days, but the writing’s coming along. I doubt the story will be fully illustrated, but we’ll see!