Trottersky or Pig Daddy?


I don’t have space for all of them, so which should I choose? ARGH!

Pigsticks & Harold do Sherlock Holmes!


The colouring on Pigsticks & Harold 2 is under way!

Pirate Pigbeard

I once wrote about a pirate called Mousebeard, so…


Harold is Superhamster!


My daughter picked up Sarah McIntyre‘s new picture book at the weekend – SUPERKID! – which has a hamster in it. And it’s no ordinary hamster, either, it’s… SUPERHAMSTER.

So, of course, I couldn’t resist drawing Harold in a SUPERHAMSTER outfit!

Pirate George and Otterly do a little dance

It’s Friday, I’m hard at work on the second Pigsticks book, and here’s a snippet from the last spread.

A hippo and an otter dancing! Only in a children’s book.


Pigsticks and Harold CSI

Pigsticks and Harold go fully CSI with their head-to-toe protective clothing!

Pigsticks and Harold as Detectives!


Pigsticks and Harold are the best (or possibly the only) detectives in town!

Pirate George taking a snooze


A little picture from Pigsticks and Harold 2. Pirate George, who’s turning into a favourite of mine, has fallen asleep.

Pigsticks and Harold off to a meeting!


And Harold’s taking his Thermos flask full of tea! You never know how long these things go on for.

The magician and his dog

He really loves his dog.