The day after the Gary’s Garden Launch party…

Another video diary. Here I get to talk about Gary Northfield, Sarah McIntyre, Philip Reeve, David O’Connell and Pirate George. And there’s even an appearance by Milo the cat. So, it was the launch of Gary’s Garden up at the Bookseller Crow in Crystal Palace

Apocalypse Cow

It’s been in the works for about 5 years, and inspired by a painting by Migy but I’m finally drawing a comic about Duck special agent. The first story is called APOCALYPSE COW, and I’m sure you can guess what that’s about…

It’s become my evening project, so it’ll take me a while. Still, It’s coming along OK!

Old Fossils Retirement Home

I was asked to do something with the wonderful Gary Northfield for our local Crystal Palace magazine, called the Transmitter. Of course, we couldn’t say ‘no’, as we love them so!

So… taking the Palace’s dinosaur pedigree, and Gary’s skill at drawing them, we came up with the Old Fossils Retirement Home comic. Here’s the first panel, and to read the rest you’ll have to get yourselves down to South London in about a month’s time and find a copy. The Bookseller Crow independent bookshop always has them on display!

click image to see it bigger!